About US

About us

About us

Pacific Shrimp del Ecuador is a company specialized in the production, processing, export and commercialization of seafood throughout the world.
Based in Ecuador and being part of the business since 1990, we have a solid base to offer excellent quality products to our customers.

Our Mission

To deliver to the world and our customers a shrimp with the highest quality, having trained personnel to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Vision

To position our brand among the largest shrimp exporters in the country, maintaining quality standards and innovating in processes that make our product the best in the national and international market considering the preservation of the environment.

Connect with us

Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • dummy+(593) 45020141

  • dummy+(593) 45020141

  • dummy ventas@pacificshrimp.com.ec


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